The Key 2020
The Key 2020
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The Key 2020

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For those interested in the fascinating world of Classic Cars, whether collectors, operators from within the sector or simply enthusiasts, the 280 pages of news, data and images contained in The Key 2020 is simply indispensable.

Indispensable because it presents the world’s top 100 collectors one by one through its unique ranking tables. Indispensable because it analyses trends and phenomena that concern not only the past but also the present and the future of collecting. It is also indispensable for discovering new opportunities, such as the substantial investigation performed both in Europe and in the United States into the relationship between cars, classic cars and women. The Key also presents other research carried out by its Market intelligence team including the study on the future of the 1000 Miglia.

If data and information are indispensable, so too is the larger part of the publication, a veritable book published annually, which deals with passion: from great raids to meetings with famous collectors such as Ralph Lauren, Nicola Bulgari, Fred Simeone and [Michael?] Kadoorie up to extraordinary models such as the Ferrari P4 and its magnificent images, the story of the revitalized Iso Rivolta, and the discovery of the latest archives from Bertone. This and much more content besides, some as curious as they are interesting: the presentation of all the cars built in Communist Russia from 1917 to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Japanese collector who takes his vehicles to schools to make children passionate about great sports cars and the experience of participating in the London to Brighton with a car from over 100 years ago.

Finally, an in-depth journey to discover of the passionate TCCT program called eClassic and the two history-making simulators created by the great masters of automotive design: Pininfarina and Zagato. A gentle reminder for the new generations. And not only...