The Key 2021
The Key 2021
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The Key 2021

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The Key 2021 is both a book and a valuable document. A book because it presents in-depth and compelling stories such as the parallel between the evolution of the automobile over the last 100 years and that of architecture, art, fashion and music. Over 80 unique pages that tell a magnificent story. Then, the history of the Scuderia racing teams which, from an idea of Enzo Ferrari, have become the symbol of an authentic passion for racing. Also of great interest is the discovery of the new dimension of the Classic car experience, revived in a Club called The eClassic Club, where real cars are joined by exquisitely crafted simulators by Zagatoand Pininfarina. The past brought to the levels of todays Formula 1. And much, much more, more besides.

From the pages of the book, 280 in all, we then move on to those of the document: here you’ll find in-depth studies on the various trends of the Classic car market based on the meticulous analysis of the results of global auctions, a very important survey on the opinion of young Europeans, Asians and Americans on the future of the car and on the importance of its past. Statistically representative results on just how very much alive and loved the object that gave humanity its freedom still is.

Finally, a unicum: the ranking of the world’s top 100 collectors. How could you not know it?

The Key 2021. Not to be missed.