The Key 2022
The Classic Car Trust

The Key 2022

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A Love Affair from the Past with a Future

Welcome to the fifth edition of TCCT's yearbook, The Key, your personal passport to a delightful journey brimming with valuable insights into the world of classic cars. This yearbook is a testament to our ongoing dedication to preserving and celebrating the exquisite automobiles of the past century.

Top 100 Collectors

Join us in extending our congratulations to Ralph Lauren, who leads this year's Top 100 Collectors list. A true luminary, Ralph Lauren exemplifies exquisite taste and unfaltering dedication to the classic car world.

Compelling Articles

Dive into an array of compelling articles designed to capture your interest and fuel your passion for classic cars. In this edition, we bring you a fascinating story about Mercedes-Benz, highlighting the brand's rich heritage and innovative spirit.

Not to be missed, our comprehensive analysis of the auction market is a treasure trove of information for any classic car enthusiast. We also delve deep into the world of eFuels, elucidating its importance for the future of classic cars.

Celebrating a Decade of TCCT

Founded a decade ago, TCCT has continuously strived to give the marvelous automobiles of the last century a sustainable lifeline. We're proud of our journey and are excited to have you as part of our community.

Introducing Roarington - The Classic Car Metaland

In this edition, we present with great pleasure, Roarington - the Classic Car Metaland. A monumental leap for classic car lovers, drivers, and businesses, Roarington is set to revolutionize the way we experience these automotive icons.

Through the creation of digital twins of past automotive icons, we expand the experience, increase their value, and give them immortality. Immerse yourself in this fascinating story found on the back of The Key, and embark on a journey into the virtual world.

  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 292 pages
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 260mm x 27mm

Become part of our journey and deepen your appreciation for classic cars with The Key 2022 - 5th Edition. Enjoy the journey into the past with a gaze towards the future.